Benefits of sports and relaxation massage

While most people have experienced the discomfort and, at times, debilitating nature of muscle pain, fewer people are aware of the amazing benefits of a body that is balanced and in equilibrium. It feels great and unlocks levels of strength, performance and energy they had no idea was available to them. A balanced body also feels relaxed and comfortable and creates a general sense of well-being.

The techniques I use will relieve:

• Back pain
• Joint pain
• Stiff neck
• Headache
• Repetitive strain
• Old and new injuries

They will improve:

• Range of movement
• Suppleness and elasticity
• Circulation
• Posture
• General feeling of wellbeing

The treatment plan we agree on will allow you to “re-set” your body and address any aches and pains you may have lived with for months and even years, or aid the speedy recovery from injury.